Evaluation Components and Diploma Requirements

Evaluation Components and Diploma Requirements

Evaluation Components

Regular evaluation will occur with a web-based multiple choice exam at the end of each lesson. Clinical performance will be assessed through interaction and observation by proctoring faculty. Technical proficiency will be assessed using the GAGES and LASTT exams; both objective, validated measurement tools for basic Surgical Endoscopy. A summary multiple-choice exam will be administered along with the final technical assessment and both require a passing score for receipt of the University Diploma.

Diploma Requirements

1. For each of the four modules:

  • 100% viewing of web-based curriculum
  • 75% correct on related multiple-choice exams
  • Participation in all practical and clinical components with faculty evaluation >/= 2.5 (on 5-point Lickert scale)
  • Scores on GAGES (upper and lower GI) and LASTT of >/= 2.5

2. Final exam:

  • 75% correct

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