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1. How to join E-learning training surgical endoscopy?
The programme is managing by the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery and the University of Strasbourg. You have two status choices, if you want to validate your university diploma you will have to registrate a mandatory administrative registration at Strasbourg University.You can also pursue the training as a free listener. Training info:
For more information, you can also contact our education service:

2.Training fees?
For the year 2019-2020, you will need to pay:
• The registration fees as may be fixed by the ministerial decree of the Medicine Faculty of Strasbourg.
• The specific right has to be paid at the the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery of Strasbourg:
– Initial Training: 850€ for the interns, 2250€ for the clinic managers
– Continued training: 2900€ (Individual fees), 3900€ (Employer fees)
– Auditors (only for E-learning), except medical students in 1st or 2nd cycle medical: 850€

3. Until when can I register for the training?
• Initial and continuing training: until 31st October 2019, if there are any free places left.
The maximun number of participant: 34 participants.

• Open training: throughout the academic year.

4. What professional profile should you have to access the training?
• Initial and continuing training: Digestive surgeons or gastroenterologists, Internal from the 6th semester, clinical assistant chiefs of hospitals and public or private practitioners.

• Open training: In order to promote the surgical innovation, the opportunity is given to a wider audience (medical students in 1st or 2nd cycle medical, non-medical professionals (engineers, industrial …) to follow the theoretical of the University Diploma. This limited participation will not lead to obtaining the diploma.

5. How are the places allocated?
Places are determined on the following basis:
• within the limit of 5 junior hospital doctors,
• within the limit of 7 clinical leaders,
• within the total limit of 34 participants for the medical practitioners.

1. How the training will take place during the academic year?
The training is designed to provide an educational program in surgical endoscopy, in short sequential steps including both theoretical and practical training. The program is organized on an academic year in 4 progressive learning modules, and an end of course placement including the final exam. This final stage will take place at the Institute of Image-Guided Surgery and IRCAD Strasbourg (France).

Each module is ratified by an evaluation (QCM for the theoretical part + evaluation by the tutor for the practice) to access the next module, meeting deadlines for calendar modules.

We remind you that the practical and clinical training are required to complete the diploma.

2. What’s the number of hours to be done to validate the diploma?
• Theory online via the platform of E-learning: 100 hours
• Clinic to achieve during your internship: 150 hours
• Practice (3 courses in Strasbourg): 50 hours

3. What languages are available to be able to continue the training?
The training will be given concurrently in English and French to allow the opening of the online platform internationally.

You have questions concerning the courses?

You can go to the course page and submit your questions directly online to the Chief Editors or you can contact the expert for each specific course on the pages with the lessons.

You will only have access to the contents of this discussion if you are a group member; in this way the information provided remains private.


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