With Module One, “Basic Principles”, we introduce you to the fundamental tools, techniques and principles underlying surgical endoscopy. The lectures within this module are divided into sections covering Surgical, Medical and Common considerations. This is done to emphasize that students with various backgrounds will take part in this training and allows us to start with a shared understanding of the fundamental principles, tools and practices involved. We begin with the endoscope (its variations, components and accessories) and start to explain the techniques and tricks for technical success.
We briefly explain laparoscopy, recognizing that much surgical endoscopy begins in the operating room and may involve combined approaches. We cover the common topics of pre-operative patient preparation, airway management, anesthesia and post-operative care. Finally, we create the segue to more advanced modules by introducing the principles and techniques for cautery, resection and specimen orientation.


  • Possess a basic technical understanding of endoscopic equipment, platform and accessories.
  • Demonstrate the care, cleaning and basic manipulation of upper and lower GI endoscopes.
  • Understand the principles and practice of patient preparation, sedation, anesthesia and airway management for surgical endoscopy.
  • Know the indications and contraindications for surgical endoscopy interventions.
  • Know the basic principles of laparoscopic surgery.
  • Understand the principles of cautery, tissue resection and specimen orientation.
  • Be able to recognize and manage common complications.
  • Understand the management of post-operative care including pain, diet and activity.


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