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Les inscriptions restent ouvertes tout le mois d'octobre
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Témoignages / Testimonials

Ils l'ont fait, ils témoignent !

  • I really appreciated online training for “University Diploma in Surgical Endoscopy” !

    For me, I liked all the surgical part, it is the domain which I wished to improve, because it was important for me to complete my training. I was also happy to be able to see again the course on the interventional endoscopy which I already know but which I do not practice on a daily basis. I was able to approach new procedures innovative as POEM (Per-Oral Endoscopic Myotomy) and sometimes cases of ESD difficult to manage at the level of the colon.

    For me, the fact of having been able to work at a distance with the platform of E-learning and to have been able to communicate directly with the experts was great practical, an absolutely incredible experience!

    P. Cognein
  • I pratice in rural Hospital to Marmande in France, my motivation for this course is that in a rural area I do not have a team anymore of full-time gastroenterologists thus our surgical team wished to take over to master at the same time the visceral surgery and the endoscopy.

    I was very happy to be able to benefit from the University Diploma in E-learning, that allowed me to reconcile my professional activities which are important with hours of training as we wish it.

    In Strasbourg, we were very well welcomed with an exceptional supervision, I was very satisfied to discover new techniques, in particular the ESD and the endoscopic manipulation.

    I was also very happy to have been able to meet colleagues endoscopists in the formation and to be able to so better dread the multidisciplinary teamwork between surgeons and endoscopists.

    C. Adamski


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